I decided to start a new blog… I realized that I was using our family blog to promote my own business ventures and personal interests. I want to keep our family blog about sharing the happenings of our family with friends and such. With that said, I have started yet another business venture… Open Sky!

This is a NEW way to shop online. People who want to sell their wares connect with those who want to promote and sell said wares. Open sky uses people like me who like to blog and share about it to get the word out about the products in the shop.

I get to search Open Sky and hand pick items that I like and think you would too. I add them to my shop and when you buy from my shop, I get a small commission.

So… let’s recap:
– I opened a shop in Open Sky… It’s called Three Little Monkeys– I search and pick items to place in my shop (mostly toys right now)
– You shop in my store and get super fun stuff
– You get a great product, I get a commission… a win, win situation!

With that said, here is the feature product for today:Melissa and Doug Wooden ABC and 123 Blocks

I am a big fan of Melissa and Doug. Their toys are simple and durable. These classic wooden blocks are a perfect addition to any toy collection.

Next time you have to buy a birthday or baby shower gift, please consider shopping at Three Little Monkeys.

**Also… If you are searching in Open Sky and see a product you think I should feature in my shop… Please let me know!!!

Open Sky- Three Little Monkeys

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