Stretching: Reach down to the dishwasher to get the clean dishes… stretch up high to put them away.

Muscle Toning:
-Do squats as you get down low to get the milk from the bottom shelf of the fridge.
– Lift the one year old out of the crib
– Lift the one year old into her high chair
– Pick up and hug the older monkeys, put them down, repeat
**Be sure to lift with your legs

Yoga like exercise:
– Balance on one foot while holding three breakfast dishes on left arm as you maneuver through the kitchen. Avoid stepping on monkeys underfoot as you switch balance from one foot to the other.
-Breathe slowly in and out as your monkey children change their minds about what they want for breakfast after you have already prepared the meal.

– Chase previously mentioned one year old around the house. Sit down in your chair and think you are done, then realize she is in the kitchen and get up and run. Settle her into the living room, sit down and then quickly run to other side of the room where she is about to pull a table down. Settle down once again, then jump up quickly, run as you jump hurdles over the toys in the room and move toward the playroom where you just heard a crash.
– Repeat two or three times

Cool Down:
Turn on Dinosaur train and grab a glass of water.

Thank you for tuning in for today’s edition of the Monkey Mommy’s Exercise Routine

The Monkey Mommy’s Exercise Routine

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