Confession: When it comes to bugs, I am about as girly girl as they come!

Part of the My Father’s World First Grade Curriculum is to include an exploration day every week. This week was about bugs…ew! I grew up in the city, but after college I lived in a log cabin in the woods. Before you start imagining how quaint and wonderful it was, you need to know that there was no insulation and several holes where creepy crawlies could get in! When I first moved in, no one had lived there for quite a while so the bugs had taken over… Again, ew! I would wake up at night and find bugs all around me… Double ew! I am pretty sure we discovered new species of bugs while living there. I battled spiders, wasps, hornets, roaches ladybugs… Yes, ladybugs and countless others. I am thankful for the experience of that house, but can you understand why I am a bit squeamish about bugs?!?

I have had to suck it up for the good of my childrens’ education this week. We set out honey covered bread to attract ants. We placed a wooden board in a patch of grass near the house and will check under it in a few days to see what may be lurking beneath… I shutter at the thought of looking under there!

We checked out bug books at the library. The one pictured above is put out by DK and the Smithsonian. It has some excellent ideas for bug hunting… If you’re into that sort of thing. Stay tuned to find out which bug experiments we try and whether or not I survive.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe God to be very creative and think it took a lot of imagination to come up with the things He did… I would just rather appreciate these kind of things from afar.

Exploration Day- Bugs

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