At the suggestion of the My Father’s World curriculum, I made a set of cards numbered 1-100. Because I didn’t have enough index cards of one color to do them all, I did even numbers on blue and odd on pink.

We have been using these cards this week with our math lessons on number recognition.

Here are three activities that are very easy to implement:

1. Number War- divide up the cards between the players. Everyone puts their pile face down in front of them. At the same time, everyone puts the top card face up. Whoever has the highest card wins the stack. Continue until all the cards have been played.

**you can vary the amount of cards you use to accommodate the age you are teaching (we only used the cards 1-20 this week)

2. Guess My Number: a person gives clues as to what number they are thinking of. The other(s) must guess.

Clues can be simple:
“My number is 1 more than 4”

Or a little tougher:
“My number is what you get when you take 6 away from 10”

3. Bean Count: give you child some of the number cards and a pile of beans- have him or her match the number of beans with the number on the card. Again, you can vary the difficulty depending on the age of the child (our 3 year old had cards 1-8 while the 5 year old had 9-15).

Number Fun

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