I have been quite proud of myself (yes, I am tooting my own horn) with how on top of things I have been with this homeschooling stuff. I have stayed a week ahead with my plans. I have been prepared with materials and been diligent in taking advantage of the littlest monkey’s naptime in the morning to get schoolwork done.

Last week was a bit of a challenge, we had extra people in our house. The monkey dad took a day off of work. Our daily routines were altered a bit. On Friday, we were on track to have a normal morning. The baby was about to go down for nap and I was clearing the table to prepare for school. But there was a knock on the door. My neighbor was having somewhat of a crisis in her life and needed to talk. She brought over her little monkey to play with mine, I put the baby down, grabbed some coffee and for a couple of hours, sat and listened.

I could have chosen to not answer the door. I could have shrugged her off…said it wasn’t a good time…chosen to continue with my plans for the day. But I didn’t. I set aside my agenda and opened the door.

Life happens. I have been learning over the last few years that it is okay to make plans and have goals… But I have to hold on to those plans with a loose grip, knowing that things can change and I have to be okay with that (easier said than done).

Life Happens

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  • September 21, 2010 at 2:14 am

    You did the right thing and I commend you for it. I think Christ makes it pretty clear that relationships are of a much higher value than knowledge. Your kids can be the smartest kids in the world but if you have not shown them how to love their neighbor then they are nothing but clanging gongs.


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