I have always prided myself on not being a mom that caters to my babies in the area of a specific bottle or cup. I have heard many people say, “my baby will only drink from (insert brand here).” Confession: I have secretly judged those moms in my heart…wondering why they couldn’t just train their children to drink from what they had already spent money on and had available at the house. I am sorry for the judgment…please forgive me!

The littlest monkey is a year old now and transitioning into the world of big kid-dom. One rite of passage is the coveted sippy cup! She’s seen big brother and sister carrying theirs’ around and so badly wanted one of her own. I bought a pack of the cheapest “leak free” I could find. First of all…NOT leak free. Second, she could care less about it. I didn’t intend to buy anymore, but we went out of town and I forgot to bring a cup. I went to the store and grabbed the first cup I saw with a cute picture on the side. She LOVED the cup… She drank from it and it didn’t leak!

When we got back home, she again would have nothing to do with the original cups (and I was discovering that they were not easy to clean). I searched all the local stores for a cup like the one I had bought on our trip. No one had it! When we went out of town again, I went back to the original place of purchase… They didn’t have it either! I gave up and bought a new pack of the good old Playtex the older monkeys had used as toddlers. To my horror…she wouldn’t drink from them! … And they leaked!

Defeated, I turned to the internet and found the cup… The treasured NUK that my daughter is in love with… and I ordered it.

Those Sippy Cup Blues

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