This morning as the monkey daddy was mowing the lawn, he found a caterpillar! Of course, we had to grab a jar and some leaves so we could observe the caterpillar for a while. The monkey boy was so excited. He was teaching Little Sis all about how caterpillars make chrysalises and become butterflies… to which she replied, “I know… I saw that on Cat in the Hat!”

He was fascinated to say the least with this find. When they went out to collect leaves, Little Sis found yet another caterpillar! So.. in the jar, we have two little buggies to watch.
I tried to look up what kind of caterpillar we had found… I am pretty sure it is an Oleander caterpillar… who apparently only eat oleander leaves … which apparently come from the tree in our backyard (I’ve been wondering what that tree was!).

I don’t know how you feel about catching bugs and keeping them in your home (I am usually in the business of getting them out)… but stay tuned to see how the great caterpillar experiment turns out.

The Great Caterpillar Experiment

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