As you may remember, we put two Oleander caterpillars in a jar a few weeks ago. We watched them eat and eat and eat (and poop- a lot)!

One day, they quit moving and their hair began to fall out (the caterpillars are orange with long black tufts of hair). I figured they were either dead or the cocoon process had begun. I say cocoon because I am pretty sure these will turn into moths.

Anyway, we went to the beach for a few days and when we came back, the caterpillars had built what we think are their cocoons! The cocoons are orange and black as well. I tried to take a picture, but I am not sure you can fully see what’s going on in there.

So…now we play the waiting game as we watch and wait for the moths to come out!

As much as I try to understand metamorphasis (is that spelled right?), I just can’t wrap my mind around it. All I know is a worm- like, oddly colored creature goes in and a beautiful winged creature emerges. What an amazing picture of what God does with us. We are worm like and odd, but in his mercy he changes us into a beautiful creation and sets us free from slavery to sin. In his mercy, he extends grace to us and gives us “wings” to experience life through Him.

The Great Caterpillar Experiment- Cocoons!

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