A couple of weeks ago, we received a copy of this DVD in the mail to view. The timing was great because the first episode on the DVD is all about butterflies and as you know, we are in the midst of the great caterpillar experiment!

I was excited about this video because it is geared for elementary age kids. We have so many preschool toys and videos… But the monkey boy is growing up (too quickly)!

I try to be discerning with what the kids watch, especially in the area of science. I am all about declaring truth…all truth is God’s truth, but so often science declares something to be true that is in fact, not (like the age of the earth). I want to temper all we do with a Biblical worldview.

While the Hop A Long videos are not “Christian,” I do not feel that they contradict or compromise God’s word.

My kids think Hop A Long’s Schoolhouse is great. The DVD contains three episodes (butterflies, polar bears and pets). It promotes environmental responsibility in a humorous and memorable way. My little monkeys immediately connected with the characters and can’t quit laughing whenever we watch it!

Product Description:
The series 1 DVD of “Hop-A-Long’s Schoolhouse” , is a unique programming concept for children which has been used successfully at the Singapore American School with primary age students for the past 15 years. The concept of “Hop-A-Long’s Schoolhouse” was first created for use in schools back in 1996 – and kids have been loving it ever since. The zany characters Hop-A-Long and Shoo-Fly have delivered educational content, curriculum and light hearted entertainment to students and teachers alike. Over time, as Hop-A-Long and Shoo-Fly’s popularity grew, additional supporting characters and educational content were included and “Hop-A- Long’s Schoolhouse” was born. Written and performed by a team of professional educators, the whacky show was put to film in 2008 and the format expanded to instill environmental awareness, global responsibility and a culture of character for all children. “Hop-A-Long’s Schoolhouse” is suitable for all children, but recommended for children ages 4-8. The series 1 DVD pack includes three 24- minute episodes, a bonus music CD containing all the original songs from the series and a free poster. Environmental responsibility is not just a fashionable and trendy thing these days. It’s become an imperative. “Hop-A-Long’s Schoolhouse” uses sound educational principles in a fun and hilariously engaging format to help children understand the need to care for both the local and global environment. The show is endorsed by the ” Go Green Initiative” , a non-profit organization that emphasizes a comprehensive environmental program to schools across the world. Go Green Schools teach earth-friendly behaviors and help students and communities evaluate the environmental impact of every activity on campus. Proceeds from the sale of each DVD go to support this worthy organization. The DVD packaging and all “Hop-A-Long’s Schoolhouse” products are made with recycled products, so we live the message that we communicate to our audience. Children in schools are tough critics, but this show has passed the test with them, so we’re confident that “Hop-A-Long’s Schoolhouse” will entertain and educate children the world over. You will be overwhelmed with the quality, integrity and educational value that our program presents for children. “Hop-A-Long’s Schoolhouse” was nominated for the Andrew Carnegie Gold Medal of Excellence in Children’s Video in 2008. The Board of Film Censors has also successfully reviewed and approved our DVD.

Featured Product- Hop A Long’s Schoolhouse

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