We have a small patio in the backyard. With the weather turning somewhat cooler, the kids have rediscovered the backyard…woohoo! Kids gotta move… Run, jump, spin… Move! And, in and 1100 square foot house, movement just isn’t that possible. We have a great backyard for kids…lots of space and a swingset that the monkey dad built (he’s so handy).

Anyway…the kids have been drawing with chalk, but quickly ran out of space on the patio. I suggested they use the fence like and easel. It was so fun to see the things they came up with. They made up a game called “art is beautiful”. You color in part of the fence and when you are done, yell “art is beautiful”. Great game huh?

Drawings of hot air balloons, butterflies, parks and playgrounds were also created. They had a great time!

Chalk- $1.00 from Target! No expensive art class needed here.

**we drew on the fence a lot in the summer and then used water balloons to wash it off… Hours of entertainment**

Taking the Chalk Off the Sidewalk

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