Confession: I have a problem…and addiction that I just can’t seem to shake. It began as a child and has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I am addicted to office supplies… Folders, planners, pencils, dry erase markers, paper clips…pens! In 5th grade, I had a pencil collection. I would go to the school store once or twice a week and buy a fun pencil. I never used them…I put them in a special box and would just look at them from time to time. I am pretty sure the box is still somewhere at my parents house.
My husband surprises me every now and then with little gifts. He knows the way to my heart is to give me office supplies…usually a fun pen (or a hole punch or a bookmark or…). My son even knows of my addiction. He picked out a box of colored paper clips for me once!
I have to avoid stores like Office Depot and Staples. I won’t allow myself to walk down the office supply aisles at Sam’s or Target. I’m in trouble if I pass the sharpies or the post its. And Lord help us all if office supplies are on sale!
We have moved several times in the last few years. To lessen the blow of having to pack, my husband bought me one of those packing tape “guns!”. He loves me so!
I was prompted to write this today because one of my favorite pens ran out of ink today. (Moment of silence please)… I am twitching to go out and replace it. Good thing my day is packed and I don’t have any free time to slip out to the store!

I Heart Office Supplies

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