As suggested in the My Father’s World Curriculum, I made some math boxes to help with our addition and subtraction practice. I used some small cereal boxes from a big Sam’s box we recently got. I covered them with construction paper and labeled them.

Here’s how we will be using the math boxes.
1. I collected various objects (beans, circles, paper clips, buttons…) and put them into their appropriate box. The number of objects in the box depends on what number you want your child to work with (for example …I put 15 buttons in the button box today).
2. Instruct the child to choose a box and use the objects to create number stories. (I have 7 buttons and I find 8 more…I have 15 in all … Or I have 15 buttons and I give away 5…I have 10 left).
3. Encourage the child to explore all the combinations of number stories. I gave my kids their magnedoodles to write down the equations that go with the number stories (7+8=15 or 15-5=10).

Are you still with me?

You can change out the amounts as often as you like. The activity is very child directed and encourages hands on exploration!

Math Boxes

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