Hi folks! The time has come to get those kiddos in matching clothes, clean their little angelic faces, position them just right, and click…. the perfect Christmas card picture! That’s how it works right. I mean… you tell them to sit still and they listen… right?

*crickets chirping*

Let me tell you how Christmas card photo time at our house goes. First, the monkey dad and I come up with a fantastic idea… a vision of greatness for how the card will look. One year it involved sombreros… one year a lovely fireplace scene… one year, chef hats and a big roasting pan (that was my favorite!). Each year has to be better than the last… we can’t disappoint our fans. So… here we are… kids in costume… we sit them down. Tell them this will just take a minute. They promise to smile and look at the camera. They are in position. We go to set the self timer on the camera. We’ve forgotten since last year how to set the self timer. We spend a good five to ten minutes pressing buttons until we get it. In the last five to ten minutes, someone has moved, someone has pulled someone else’s hair, someone has knocked over the props, someone has pulled their hairbows out…

Through all this… somehow, we are able to get a family picture. Sure… not everyone is smiling and not everyone is looking at the camera… but we are all in the picture… together!

The thing that brings it all together and makes it more than just a photo is when we turn it into a Christmas card! Shutterfly is a fantastic option for photo Christmas cards! They have TONS of options… for real… if you are looking for it… chances are, they have it! Creating your card is easy too… just a few clicks of the mouse and TADA! I have been looking through their Holiday Story Cards and Christmas Cards trying to drum up some ideas for this year’s masterpiece. I came across their Thanksgiving Cards as well… so cute. We might just have to do something crazy and send Thanksgiving Cards this year instead!!!

I am so torn… should I choose this one... or this one… or maybe this one!!!!

Whatever your Christmas card needs, please consider Shutterfly when you are ready to pull things together! You won’t be disappointed!

It’s That Time of Year Again…

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