Have I got a deal for you…

How would you like to win a gift card to one of the following places:

Chick Fil A
Olive Garden
Barnes and Noble



I’m glad you asked!

As you know, I am part of the online shopping community known as Open Sky. I hand pick items to place in my shop (mostly kid oriented). When a person buys through my shop, I receive a small commission!

This month, Open Sky is offering sales bonuses depending on the number of items sold from a shop.

The first tier I have to reach is to sell 30 items, then 75, then 150 and finally 300! The bonus amount increases with each tier.

I would so appreciate your help reaching my November goal! Here’s the deal…

If you buy from my Open Sky shop…you will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to the place of your choice (from the above list). The amount of the gift card depends on the sales tier I reach:

If I sell 30 items…the gift card will be for $15
If I sell 70 items…the gift card will be for $30
If I sell 150 items…the gift card will be for $50
If I sell 300 items…the gift card will be for $100!!!

Are you with me? Let’s recap… You buy…you’re entered. The more items sold…the greater the prize!

**if you are searching open sky and find an item you think I should add to the shop, just let me know!**

Why should you help me? Good question… My husband is in his final year of seminary. We have been raising support for the last two years for our living expenses and school costs. When you buy from my shop, you are also investing in our family as my husband trains for ministry and reaching the nations for Jesus! Feel free to read the About Me section to learn a little more or email me (weelittlemonkeys@gmail.com) with any questions.

**just so you know…this giveaway is all me…the above merchants don’t have a clue who mama monkey is! I intend to use a portion of the money I earn through open sky to purchase the winner’s gift card. This is also not an Open Sky promotion. **

November Goals

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