I dream of one day having a room in the house I can dedicate to school. I have it all planned out. I will have desks (old time school desks), a semi- circle table for group activities, a long table with a couple of computers, an activity rug, colorful bins to keep manipulatives organized… Seriously… I had a dream about it last night.

I hope that one day the dream will be realized, but for now I am thankful for the roof over our head and the space that we have to use.

We have our table… it serves as the eating table, the desk, the school table, the craft table, the food preparation table… well, you get the point.

We have our word wall and Bible time line over the family computer.

The school calendar, number chart, pocket chart and more hang next to our family calendar that keeps track of our various activities.

This is the school/ craft cabinet. There is usually a gate in front of it to keep toddler fingers away from the treasures that lie within.

Inside the cabinet, we find lesson books, extra pencils, workbooks, math manipulatives, crayons, paper, play dough, etc. The kids have their “school boxes” where they keep their journals, scissors, pencils and crayons. They can easily get this out of the cabinet for school and return it when we are done. Unfinished projects can be kept in the box until the next day.

We work with the space we are given. There are days when cleaning up after breakfast to do school can be tedious… not to mention having to clean up again before lunch, but we make it work.
Making Do with The Space You’re Given

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