I have had a growing collection of the monkey boy’s favorite t shirts and pjs that are so worn, no consignment store would take them. These items have been some of his favorites and although they don’t fit him anymore, I just couldn’t seem to let them go. I decided to cut them up and put them into a quilt for him for Christmas. The materials include two sets of dinosaur pjs, the very first flannel baby blanket he was wrapped up in as a baby (also dinosaurs), his favorite “big brother” shirt and a couple more t shirts he was particularly fond of.

Now… I must tell you that I am NOT handy with a sewing machine. I have a tendency to get impatient or become instruction manual illiterate therefore breaking things along the way. I have avoided sewing for the last few years after my first attempt at a t- shirt quilt that resulted in my breaking a 60 year old sewing machine.

I borrowed this machine from a friend, determined to make this work.

 I spent some time preparing… you know… cutting, measuring, etc. My cuts were not pretty and try as I may, not all my squares were the same size. I went to JoAnn’s to get fabric (an overwhelming experience in itself) for the sash pieces (I think that’s what you call the in between strips of fabric) and the backing. I used green flannel.

 Here’s how I did it…
1. Cut the squares from various materials (I traced a CD case for the square template)
2. Cut sash pieces to go on the sides. I sewed the individual rows together first, then the long sash pieces that divided them.
3. I measured, cut and sewed the border pieces
4. Finally, I sewed the backing on. I positioned the pieces so they were inside out, sewed them together leaving a small opening on the bottom… pulled it right side out and finished off that opening by hand.

I am pretty excited about the finished product. I am not sure I can wait all the way until Christmas to give it to the little guy!

Stay tuned to see what I make for Little Sis and Baby Girl. I’ve got some ideas brewing… but no solid plans made yet.

Recycled Clothes Quilt

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