We are trying out a Jesse Tree in our house this year for the first time. I just heard about this the other day when a friend was asking for suggestions on how to make one. The idea is to have a very Christ- centered advent season. Each day, the family reads scripture and a devotion, then places an ornament representing what was read on the tree. The devotions and ornaments teach how Christ is throughout the Bible… not just the new testament. Day one talks about waiting and how the whole Old Testament anticipates the birth of the Savior.
There are several different ways to do a Jesse tree, several different kits you can buy, etc. I wanted to go the quick and painless route… so I started looking for websites that already had the devotion and verses picked out as well as the printouts ready to go.
I came across a web site from the Reformed Church of America that had a devotional and ornament printouts. It only took me about an hour to color, cut and cover the ornaments with contact paper (hopefully they will survive this year and we can use them in years to come).

 I am keeping all the ornaments and devotion materials in a trusty zip- lock. Hopefully all the pieces will stay together. Little Sis has already been playing with the pieces, making up stories and generally ooo-ing and aaa-ing over them.

So… after gathering and preparing materials, the kids helped me color a big tree on easel paper. We hung it on their bedroom door and will be adding ornaments each day. They are very excited.

Again, I really like that the Jesse tree devotional shows Christ through the whole Bible! I feel that it gives a good sense of the big picture of the Bible while using familiar Bible stories.

On a side note, after seeing the ornaments that I had diligently colored, the Monkey Boy said, “Mommy, how did you get so good at coloring?!?” Years of practice, my boy… years of practice!

Jesse Tree- DIY

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