If kitchens could talk, what stories would they tell…

Once upon a time, The monkey dad got up early and cooked breakfast for the family. There were eggs, biscuits, hash-browns, bacon…

Everyone enjoyed the breakfast… even the sink.

 The kitchen… post breakfast
 The kitchen… post cleaning, post breakfast… looks nice.. huh?
Fast forward three hours… lunch… a mad rush around a tiny kitchen to feed five people, five different meals. After the dust settles… this is what remains.
The kitchen… post lunch… why is there a bike helmet on the floor?
Now… normally, we would go on to clean again in order to prepare for dinner and then… well, you get the point. However… tonight we got a treat and got to eat dinner out, at an early Christmas dinner… yay Christmas!
Confession: I have a neurotic need to have the kitchen cleaned before I can cook or prepare meals… what is that about?
A Day in the Life of my Kitchen

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