A what?!?
It’s a crochet thing…

Amigurumi is crocheting in rounds to create cute little creations. It is quite addicting. I have been following patterns that I have found online and in books to make elephants, pandas, giraffes, turtles… well, you get the point.

The Monkey Dad challenged me to branch out and come up with something all my own. That challenge, coupled with our budget (the word tight does not even begin to describe our budget) added to the abundance of yarn lurking in a box under the bed produced the following creations:

For Big Brother…
Buddy the Dinosaur from none other than Dinosaur Train

 If you’ve never seen the show (which chances are, you haven’t)… this is Buddy…

And for Little Sis..
An Amigurumi Doll with Accessories and a Matching Hat!

I am planning to make Little Sis a matching purse as well. The doll’s hat, shoes, scarf, and dress are all removable.

Normally, I am not a “toot my own horn” kind of girl, but I am pretty pleased with how these turned out! Now… to finish Little Sis’ purse and crochet a little amigurumi dog for baby girl and we’ll be all set!

An Amigurumi Christmas

2 thoughts on “An Amigurumi Christmas

  • December 7, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    Great job on everything! Maybe while you're here I'll have you teach me basic crochet.. I'll trade you for some fabric!


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