A group of gals at our church have decided to learn how to sew. The project this month was pillows. When looking online for DIY pillows, I came across a blog with this simple project. I thought it would be a great way to get the kids involved in the gift making/ giving process this year.

Now… I am no seamstress. We put these pillows together before the sewing group met (I probably should have waited… I learned some good tricks that night), but I knew I was going to have to give the machine I had borrowed back and wanted to get these done first.

With that said, pay no attention to the crooked seams … and remember, this was a joint effort project between me, a five year old, a three year old and a one year old!

Materials Needed:
Sewing Machine (or needle and thread)
Fabric Paint
Pillow Stuffing

I did our pillows a little differently than the blog I got the idea from…I think they turned out well though. Step one: Get burlap from a local craft store (not Michael’s… they don’t sell fabric). It is cheap and comes in different colors. I got two yards and was able to make 7 pillows.
Step 2: measure and cut. I cut 12 in x12 in squares.
Step 3: sew two squares together, leaving a one inch edge as well as an opening for stuffing.

 This is where I did things a little differently. I found a fancy font on Word and printed out the appropriate letter. I cut the letter out, making a stencil.
Step 4: Let the kids paint (with fabric paint) over the stencil. With help, they were able to just hold the stencil in place and paint over it.

 Step 5: After the paint dries, let the kids stuff the pillows (baby girl was able to help with this part) and then sew the opening closed.

 **I have no idea why this picture is upside down**
Step 6: Pull the edges so they ravel, making a lovely fringe. The straighter your sewing edges, the easier the unraveling process.

Tada! Homemade accent pillows, made with love! … and the whole process was done in an afternoon.

PS… If any family happens upon this post, act surprised..mmmkay?

Monogrammed Burlap Pillows- DIY

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