It has been a few days since I posted anything. My house was infested with the dreaded stomach bug for the last week. I think I have rid us of the toxins… I HATE the stomach bug. I dread it. I live in fear of it. Please, dear Lord, let it be gone.

We didn’t do any school last week and are playing catch up this week. I have posted before that we are on a tight budget as my hubs is in seminary right now. When it comes to school, we get creative and make do with what we have.

This week in math, we are working on graphing.

I gave each child a handful of fruity cheerios…

Big Brother had to read the directions and answer the questions at the bottom of the page (like which has the most? Which has the least? How many do you have all together? etc.)… he did a great job…

 …but he was just so hungry! After we finished the activity… it was snack time! The activity is so simple and quick to put together.

We also conducted a survey via facebook about favorite Christmas songs. We’ll be graphing those results tomorrow.

Cheerio Math

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