Apart from sin, Satan, suffering, etc… the thing I hate most is the stomach flu. I HATE the stomach flu. It is my worst enemy. At the first sign of queasiness in the house, I pull out the lysol and start disinfecting. I get so paranoid. I start feeling the germs creeping up around me. I can almost see them. When the first child throws up, I try to think of anything it could be other than the stomach flu… could it be a head injury or something they ate?. Anything other than that awful bug that is sure to tear through all my children and reak havock on my home.
Then… there is the waiting… the wondering… who will get it next? Is it over? Did I clean everything? Is my stomach hurting because of stress? because I haven’t eaten all day out of fear? … or does it hurt because I am the next victim.
A few days pass… everyone seems fine. A couple of people in the house seem to have escaped the bug. We are starting to come out of hiding and live normal lives once again. All the laundry is clean. All of the toxic waste is in the trash can. But, then… another one bites the dust and the whole cycle starts again. Trying to keep the kids away from each other. Trying to comfort the sick, but not get too close. Bribing the children with money if they’ll just make it to the bathroom before they throw up…
I HATE the stomach flu.

When people hear that you have it, they won’t let you in. They treat you like a leper from Bible days. I can almost hear them yelling “unclean! unclean!”

The bug has been to our house. We thought we were done with it. Everyone was sick to some extent… we even left town… but apparently it followed us!

Arg! I can’t wait until we get to heaven and there is no more sickness. Especially this stomach bug… which is surely straight from Satan himself!

Did I mention that I HATE the stomach flu?

The Thing I Hate Most

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