Now that Baby Girl has given up her morning nap, I have had to rearrange our homeschool schedule. We had a great thing going… she would go down and then Big Brother and Little Sis would come to the table for school. They were still fresh and had already gotten some play time out of the way. Oh… but then the morning nap began to dwindle and Baby Girl, who is in to EVERYTHING… made it hard to get anything done.

Last week, I tried waiting until after lunch when Baby Girl went down for her nap… but the kids were getting that mid-day tiredness and were having a hard time concentrating and taking school seriously. So… this week, I have put Little Sis (who is officially a big girl.. 4 years old!) in charge of Baby Girl for the morning. They are off in the playroom as we speak so that I can have some one on one school time with Big Brother. Now… it took some convincing to get Little Sis on board with the idea because she so loves doing school. She is my big girl through and through. She absolutely cannot wait until she grows up.

Now you may be wondering… if the girls are off playing and I am supposed to be doing school with Big Brother… why am I on the computer writing this blog post? Big Brother has dug in his heels and declared that his work is too hard and that he is not going to do this. He is sitting at the table… with a piece of paper that has three lines… for three sentences… that’s all he has to write… three sentences… three… But he has decided that it is just too hard and he cannot do it. I asked him what he thought would happen if he didn’t do his work… if he just sat there… he said “I don’t know… what will happen?” We could keep going around in circles, but I have learned (in instances like this) to just ignore him and wait until he makes the right decision. He understands his directions… he is capable of reading the sentences he is to copy and of writing the words. He just doesn’t want to do it.

So… I went and got the computer so that he can sit in misery until he makes his decision to write his three sentences… three… just three. I am such a tyrant with my unreasonable demands… I know. Oh wait… I hear the pencil going… looks like he’s decided to write… although he does keep pausing to tell me that “this is so hard… I don’t know why I have to do this.”

I am trying to step back and let this boy make his own decisions. I am trying to let him fail and teach him to be okay with that. If I give into his demands… if I do it all for him… if I always let him have his way… all I am doing is crippling him. I had just gotten the hang of how to do life with preschoolers… and now Big Brother has entered a new phase of life… school age… it’s a new ball game… with a new set of rules… *sigh*… I think I need another cup of coffee.

 Did I mention that it is storming outside?… and that is way more interesting than writing three sentences!

Changing Things Up

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