I’ll start at the very beginning of the day… midnight…

12am… lay my head on the pillow, hoping for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep
1:00 am… in comes Little Sis to let me know that she needs to go potty.
1:15 am… I haven’t heard Little Sis get back in bed. I go to investigate. She never went potty. She went back to bed. I think she’s a sleep walker
2:30 am… Baby Girl cries. I go settle her down and tell her to sleep
2:35am… back in bed and the husband asks if everything is okay. I start to tell him what’s going on and he says “shh!”  I think he’s a sleep talker
4:00am… Baby Girl cries. I go settle her down and tell her to sleep
4:05 am… Baby Girl cries. I go settle her down and smell something foul
4:06am… I change Baby Girl’s diaper.
4:10am… I sing to Baby Girl and pray with her and tell her to go to sleep.
4:15am… I set up camp in Baby Girl’s room and snuggle her close… she has an ear infection… I feel bad for her
5:00am… I don’t feel bad for her anymore… I want to go back to my own bed. I put her back in her crib and tell her to go to sleep. She cries, I want to cry.
5:25 am… Baby Girl is finally asleep. I crawl back in bed.
6:00 am… the husband’s alarm goes off
6:09am… the husband’s alarm goes off
6:18 am… the husband’s alarm goes off
7:00 am.. the husband is off to work and Big Brother and Little Sis are up for the day. Oh..and we have company staying with us. She is up and getting ready for work.
7:10 am… I am up for the day, starting coffee, watching the children as I try to wrap my mind around the fact that I am awake.
8:00 breakfast
8:30… Baby Girl wakes up… at least someone got to sleep in
8:30- 9:30 PBS kids (thank you Cat and the Hat and Super Why for taking care of school this morning)
10:00 snack
10:15 coloring books
And this is how the rest of the day will go…
11:00 Trip to the Post Office (my children HATE going to the Post Office… so that should be fun).
12:00 Home for Lunch
1:00 Husband will come home from work
1:15 Big Brother and the Monkey Dad will head to the YMCA for a little homeschool PE
2:00 “Rest” time… A.K.A go to your room and be quiet
3:00 Big Brother comes home… and goes to “rest”
4:00 Rest time is over, Monkey Dad is out the door again to go meet with a client
5:00 Get ready to go out to dinner to celebrate our friend’s birthday!
7:00 Home and start the bed time routine
8:00 BED!!!
8:10… someone will come out and announce they need to find a certain stuffed animal that they just can’t sleep without.
8:30… someone else will come out to announce that they hurt themselves while hanging off their bed
8:45… Baby Girl will cry and ask for the paci that she has thrown out of her bed
9:00… Little Sis will come out and “have to go to the bathroom really bad.”
9:15… quiet… everyone finally falls asleep… for now.
 9:30-11:00 Unwind, knit, spend time with Husband and Friend. Think about all the things that I meant to get done today and promise to do them tomorrow (like filling out paperwork and paying bills and making doctor appointments and going to exercise and…)

It’s a crazy life… but it’s mine! Two words I have not said in at least 6 years… “I’m Bored.” After spending time with a mom of highschool age and older children and listening to her talk about not knowing what to do with all her time.. I know the days of “boredom” and quiet will come again. I’ll probably knock some books off the shelf and scatter crumbs on the floor just because I miss the look of chaos. One day, I’ll be able to check off all that’s on my to-do list in one day.

One Day

But… Not today!

A Day in the Life

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