I’ve been blessed with some random gifts lately. Things that I would not have bought because of our budget, but was so happy to receive and put to work. My sis in law recently picked up a couple of Cricut Create at Kroger for $35… that is an insane price for these things. A Cricut is a personal cutting machine… great for scrapbooking… great for former teachers who had an unnatural attachment to the school’s die-cut machine. If you have no idea what I am talking about, it’s probably for the best.
Anyway… I have been playing with my cricut this week. The monkey boy has been helping. Every week in our homeschool curriculum allows for an exploration day. We are supposed to go outside and enjoy nature. Well… we are outside everyday… so this week, our exploration day was more of a game day.
It started with an alphabet bingo that I had picked up at the dollar section at Target this past fall. Then, the boy and I decided to pull out the Cricut and a new dinosaur cartridge and make our own bingo game… Dino Bingo!!!

 Together, we decided which dinos to cut out and what colors to use. We cut out all the pieces and glued them to the game board.
 We played for a long time. He had to help me pronounce some of the dino names.
This project incorporated art, science, following directions, and technology skills. Successful homeschool lesson… yes!
Dino Bingo

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