Water… it’s good for you… you’re supposed to drink quite a bit of it during the day. However, the natural consequence of drinking all this water is frequent trips to the restroom. A side effect of frequent trips to the restroom is leaving three little monkeys unattended for short periods of time throughout the day. Unless, of course, I was to bring them along on these trips to the restroom… then they wouldn’t be unattended… but that’s not going to happen. I need some boundaries.

Anyway. You would think that in the time it takes me to go to the restroom and back, nothing much would happen. If you think that, you are wrong. Three little monkeys can be playing very nicely and calmly together, but as soon as mama monkey thinks it’s safe to leave the room, things like the following may or may not occur:

– A six year old will pull the cords out of the lamp thus exposing wires…. he will then shock himself as he tries to shove the wires back in before anyone notices.

– A four year old and 19 month old will go into the coat closet, find a bucket of golf balls and proceed to dump them out and send them all over the living room.

– the Fed-Ex man will choose just that moment to come knocking at your door and your children who have been told over and over again to not open the door will… open the door only to discover a package. They will have ripped into it by the time you come back.

– A 19 month old will have opened the craft cabinet, pulled out a crayon and re-decorated one of her wooden puzzles

– All the couch cushions will be have been removed from the couch and three little monkeys will be diving on them.

– A 19 month old will have toilet papered the living room

– A three (now four) year old will have painted the carpet with nail polish

– A six year old will have tried to refill his water cup, but will have forgotten to turn off the water pitcher in the fridge and a nice puddle will have formed in the kitchen.

And for all these reasons and many more, I think, at the risk of my health, I might just have to cut back on the amount of water (and coffee) I drink.

Why I Should Drink Less Water

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