I have to give a BIG thumbs up to my husband for how he can turn a family walk into an adventure. I am always so busy making sure everyone is keeping up, staying on the sidewalk, listening to me, slowing down…

But the Monkey Dad… he knows what to do. He took the kids out for a walk a few weeks ago and they came back talking about how they had just been in a dinosaur forest. They talked about how they had seen sauropods and pteranadons and raptors. They were so excited. Now, every time they go for a walk, they want to pretend they are in a dino forest. Sometimes they are the dinos. Sometimes they are just on the look out for some.

Tonight, we headed over to the nature trail near our house. This area already lends to great adventures. We always see tracks of various animals. We know there are wild pigs living near by and deer, hawks, turtles, etc. As soon as we hit the trail, my husband made it an adventure. He would stop us every now and then and point at one of the kids, calling them some crazy kind of animal. They would, then, take their cue and start acting silly. We pretended that the kids were animals in the zoo and we were visiting the exhibit.

I don’t think you have to always be “on” as a home educator. But I do think that it is important to look for teachable moments… whether it be an opportunity to reinforce some academic skill, some spiritual lesson or just a bit of imaginary fun.

Family Walks- Teachable Moments (2)

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