Today, I would like to share some more specific ideas for planning your daily lessons should you choose to do a backyard Bible club.
First, as mentioned yesterday, you need to come up with a theme or basic curriculum. Think of this as a Vacation Bible School in your backyard. You can utilize your church’s childrens’ ministry, the internet, your own personal experience when coming up with your lesson plans.

I think that whatever you choose to do, you need to include the story of creation, the story of the fall, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, and how all of it applies to us today. As I mentioned yesterday, I think that we can no longer assume that kids have a basic foundation of the Bible or that they have even been to church. I think that to explain the Gospel, we need to start at the beginning, Creation. If we tell kids, or anyone for that matter, that they need Jesus… we need to explain why.

If you need help coming up with lesson ideas, try these sites that I found…
Armor of God

VBS Themes

Creative Bible Study

Once you have your lessons/ theme in place, you can start developing crafts (if you want that to be part of your backyard Bible club), games and songs. I would recommend having some kind of opening game or song to draw the kids in.

If you don’t know how many kids you will be having, you might not want to buy a lot of craft stuff up front. I usually do something like a creation collage on the first day. I give the kids paper, crayons, glue, scissors,  and old magazines. I tell them to color or cut out pictures of things that God has created. We review the story of creation as the kids are doing the craft. After the first day, you can stock up on whatever materials you might need. Stickers, crayons, paper and glue are handy to have for various crafts.
Also… salvation bracelets (or wordless bracelets) are a great craft for the end of the week. The children make bracelets with certain colored beads. Each bead represents a part of the Gospel story. The kids can take this with them as a reminder of what they’ve learned.
Yellow= Heaven
Black = Sin
Red = Blood of Christ
White = Being washed clean by the Blood of Christ
Green= Growing in Christ
Blue= the Holy Spirit

Thanks for checking in today. Tomorrow will be the last part of this “how to” series. I’ll share tips for getting the word out and a few other logistical things.

I hope this is helpful!

Backyard Bible Club- How To Part 2 (12)

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