Some friends of mine in Atlanta have recently (in the past year or so) begun working with a facility in Uganda that houses street kids. You can learn more about their ministry, Sixty Feet by reading their website.

This past weekend, they had a big fund raising cupcake sale. They’ve been having people sign up for the last couple of months to host a cupcake sale in their neighborhoods to raise money for Sixty Feet. The Cupcake Kids, as they are called have sold cupcakes all over the world and raised an amazing amount of money. God has really blessed these sales!

We agreed to host a sale for the cupcake kids. We headed over to the seminary today, and along with some precious friends, we sold our wares just outside the bookstore. I was feeling a little insignificant about the whole thing. I knew that the cupcake sales from over the weekend had raised more than $30, 000. I didn’t know what difference our little sale would make.

But then, as I watched the kids and sold some cupcakes, I was reminded that it was not necessarily about the money. We were willing to obey the Lord in this. We were willing to give of our time and resources to help the least of these. We were willing to put ourselves out there and get the word out about what Sixty Feet is up to in Uganda. And… we sold about 50 cupcakes and raised over $100 in one hour. I’d call that a success. I am reminded of the story of the boy with the loaves and fishes. God took the little he gave and multiplied it over and over again. I know He will do the same with the money our little cupcake kids raised today.

Cupcakes for Uganda

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