We headed up to see my family for the Easter weekend. It just so happens that both of my sister in laws like to sew. I have recently discovered that sewing machines are not evil and can actually be quite handy. I made a quilt a few years ago, using my grandmother’s machine from the 1940s… and promptly broke said machine. I refused to try again. My mother kept asking if I’d like to have the aforementioned machine. I knew it was broken and told her “no thank you.” But… finally… for some crazy reason, I decided I wanted to learn to sew. I fessed up about the machine and my gracious mom had it fixed for me and serviced. So… after Christmas, the 1940s machine and I got to know each other. A couple of months later, a dear and generous friend gave me her sewing machine that had been sitting, unopened in the storage room for a couple of years. She figured it should go somewhere where it would be used.

Okay… back to the point. I brought the sewing machine with me this weekend. Both of my sis in law’s were here for the day to have a family Easter celebration. While the kids were napping, we turned the dining room into a sewing studio and had a blast making  A Simple Skirt. My sis in law over at Sugar Plum Delights came across this tutorial one day and posted it on her blog. We decided to give it a try and make our girls matching skirts. They are only three months apart and love each other dearly. They were so excited to put on their skirts after nap time! My other sis made one for her little girl too….but I didn’t get any pictures of that one.

I was so excited about the way the skirts turned out. And seriously… it was so simple. We got everything done while the kids were resting. I purposely made Little Sis’s skirt longer than the tutorial because 1) she’s tall and skinny… all her skirts end up being rather short and 2) I have a thing for modesty. I also made the girls matching headbands! We all felt quite accomplished in our skills.

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