I have never done an actual craft tutorial… I thought I’d give it a whirl. I came across eye spy bags when I was hopping around on etsy one day. Basically, an eye spy bag is a cloth (felt, fleece, etc) bag with a vinyl window. The bag is filled with either plastic pellets or rice and little trinkets (buttons, erasers, rings, etc.). Kids enjoy squeezing the bag, pushing around the pellets or rice to find said trinkets. Some people get really creative and cute with their bags. I did not. We are headed back home tomorrow… which means eight hours in the car… which means three little monkeys will need something to keep little fingers busy!

Materials needed:
2 8 in by 8 in squares of felt
coordinating thread
rice or plastic/ poly pellets
vinyl square (about 6in by 6 in)
tissue paper

1. Cut your fabric (I used fleece) into squares. Cut about a 5 in square in the middle of one piece of fabric.
2. Cut your vinyl square slightly bigger than the opening in the fleece.
3. Cut a piece of tissue paper to match the vinyl… I used the paper that came with the vinyl.

 4. Layer the fleece with the window, the vinyl and the paper… the paper is to act as a buffer between the vinyl and your machine so the vinyl doesn’t gunk up the machine.

 5. Sew the fleece, paper and vinyl together… I used about a 1/2 in seam allowance using a straight stitch.

 6. Now go around the square again using a zig zag stitch.

 7. Remove the paper from the back and place both pieces of fleece together (wrong sides together). Sew together, leaving a 3 inch opening on one side. You will do a straight stitch all around as well as a zig zag stitch.

 8. Fill the bag with rice a trinkets. If you are using plastic pellets, you can fill about half way… but you might want to fill a little more if you are using rice.

 9. Sew the opening closed and you’re all set!

You can play around with what types of trinkets you want to use. You can cut fun shapes out of fleece… make your “window” bigger or smaller. The possibilities are endless. Here’s hoping for a smooth car ride tomorrow!

Eye Spy Bags Tutorial… Sort of (25)

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