Do other people go back and re-read their own blog? I was looking back over the last few months having this blog. I still haven’t figured out exactly how to classify it… but there are a few posts that I really like… maybe I am tooting my own horn. Forgive me if that’s the case. Join me on a walk through monkey memory lane…

The Great Caterpillar Invasion

Those Sippy Cup Blues

Confessions of a Seminary Wife… I don’t do Mornings Well

Confessions of a Seminary Wife… I’m not Supermom

A Day in the Life

Why I Should Drink Less Water

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Pattern

Cupcakes for Uganda

My Resume

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if there is a particular post that  to you stood out to you. That would help me out in knowing what direction to take this blog.

These are a Few of My Favorite Posts (28)

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