With three little ones and a husband in seminary… in central Florida… where hot doesn’t even begin to describe the temperature… I am always on the lookout for free fun and entertainment. We are blessed to live near several free splash pads and fountains to play in a cool down. But on those days when mama just can’t handle the heat and wants to get out of the kitchen, these options are great (and they are not just limited to Florida)!

FREE Bowling all Summer

DISCOUNTED Kid’s Movies (these used to be free… but are now $1.00 admission… still a good deal)

FREE Summer Reading Program from Barnes and Noble

Also be sure to check:
– your local library for story times and reading programs
– your local craft stores (like Michaels) for craft days
– local attractions (like the zoo) for free resident days
Home Depot and Lowes offer free Saturday workshops for kids
– grocery stores, fire stations, veterinarian offices to see if they will let you do a behind the scenes tour (last year our play group did a fieldtrip to Publix… so fun!)

I’d love to hear back from you about your plans for summer fun on a budget!

Summer Fun for the Financially Challenged

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