Spring time = flowers, plants and bugs… Oh my!

What a great time to take advantage of those teachable moments with things in bloom outside and makes some teachable moments with inexpensive materials inside!

First of all, here’s an update on our Root Vue

 All three radish seeds that we planted are flourishing. One of the carrots is doing alright and one onion has made an appearance. This little experiment has gotten quite a bit of notice when friends come over. The kids like to explain about the roots and seeds. Hopefully, we’ll see some fruit for all our labor. 
 Big brother got this little kit for Christmas from his cousins It is filled with all sorts of activities and experiments for a little astronomer. Before the obsession with dinosaurs, Big Brother was obsessed with planets. He’s a little scientist at heart. You can find this kit here on amazon… only about $15.  One experiment finds out why plants don’t grow on other planets. Included in the kit are seeds, soil and three little pots. After planting the seeds, you place them in different areas of the house and see if they grow.
 Earth… with sunlight and water.
 Venus… Sunlight, but no water.
 Saturn… in the freezer without water.
We also have this book that was included in our My Father’s World First Grade Package. I am a fan of the Usborne Science books. They are chock full of information and hands on experiments. 
If you invest in the Root Vue, the Little Lab Stars and Planets and the Usborne Science with Plants Books, you’ll be having all kinds of planty fun! Also… be sure to check out the dollar section at Target. They usually have little seed kits and gardening stuff around this time of year.
**If you’re like us and your budget is tight…. consider asking for things like this for Christmas or birthday presents… that’s the only reason we have these materials**
Plants, Plants and More Plants

One thought on “Plants, Plants and More Plants

  • May 19, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    I totally love that you are experimenting with plants. Always did quite a bit of that as a kid and enjoyed it quite a bit.
    The experiment with the three pots in different locations is great! Such a fun way to learn why things don't grow on other plants.
    Good luck with the ongoing experiments!!


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