My six year old is home with mom and sisters all day long. He is surrounded by My Little Pony and Princesses. He doesn’t mind. He’s a good sport. His dinosaurs play well with the ponies. Lately, my girls have been very into dress up. On any given day, Snow White or Belle or Sleeping Beauty will make an appearance in our home. Unfortunately, dress up stuff for boys is not as easily accessible as it is for girls. I am working on making my little Prince Charming a prince outfit… the starting piece was the crown. The one I made was very make-shift, very quickly done and not well planned out. I think it turned out well though… here’s how I did it.

Materials needed
Assorted colors of felt (big pieces for the crown… I used about 1 1/2 sheets for the crown and scraps for the jewels)
coordinating thread

1. Measure around your child’s head and add one inch for your total length of felt. I can’t remember the exact measurement of my son’s head, but we’ll just say it was 23 inches for the purposes of this tutorial. Cut two identical pieces to be the main crown piece. It cut the entire length of a piece of felt (about 11 inches). Cut two rectangles to finish the headband. Because the crown length was 11, I cut each of the rectangles 6.5 inches (to equal the total 24 inches needed). I hope I’m making sense here.

 2. Cut jewels from your scrap felt and sew to one of the main crown pieces.

 You should have 4 pieces that look roughly like the above picture.

 3. Place the two main felt pieces, right sides together with headband pieces sandwiched in between.

 4. Stitch around the entire piece, being careful to only catch the ends of the headband pieces as you sew. Leave a two inch opening on the bottom for turning.

 5. Turn the pieces right side out and top stitch the crown piece.

 6. Bring the ends of the headband pieces together. Overlap about 1/2 inch and sew together to complete the crown.

 Please forgive the poor quality of the pics. I couldn’t find mt camera. But… here he is… Big Brother the King! He was so excited to have a crown (he’s been using the plastic inside of a play construction helmet as a make-shift crown. When I figure out how to make the rest of the king’s outfit, I’ll let you know!

Felt Crown- A Tutorial

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