It happened. He finished his classes, turned in his assignments, donned his cap and gown… and GRADUATED!!! As I mentioned in my previous confession, when we first came down here, two years might as well have been eternity. I thought it would last forever! But… it didn’t. We had slow days… oh so slow… but really, the time went by fast and now it has ended. It is bittersweet. I really enjoyed this past year and the community we were blessed to be part of. I so enjoyed meeting other seminary wives who shared my struggles of being a wife of a seminarian as well as a mother of young children. We are designed for community… for fellowship. If we are not tapped into community, we are incomplete.

Now… here’s how it went down graduation night. I wanted to celebrate my husband. I wanted him to know that I was so proud of what he had accomplished… that this night was all about him… I wanted to walk around with him at the reception that followed and snap pictures and celebrate with him. However… life doesn’t always slow down for special occasions. Children do not always become miraculously obedient or understanding. Record high temperatures creep into the city, unexpected claps of thunder send everyone into a panic… life continues whether or not your husband is graduating from seminary. The ceremony took place at a church about thirty minutes away from the house. We grabbed some subs from Publix, loaded up our family and family who were visiting from out of town into two cars and headed off down the road. My husband’s celebratory graduation dinner: Publix sub while sitting in the back seat on the way to graduation. We got there early so he could get dressed and have pictures taken. However, other than him, there were eight of us who were going to be sitting around for about an hour and a half before the service. After we dropped him off at the entrance of the church, we went and found the free parking deck a couple of blocks away. While we were unloading the kids and food, we heard a ginormous clap of thunder… the kind that sets off car alarms! So… as you can imagine, the kids were really excited about that. We pushed on, hoping that was going to be the only thunder (it was… praise the Lord) and headed to the breezeway of the church to have our picnic. The toddler refused to eat anything. The six year old insisted that I had promised him he could play on the playground and the four year old… well…she was doing great… her grandmother, who she adores was there and that’s all she needed.
The time came to drop the toddlers (mine and my niece) off at the nursery.. always a heart- wrenching experience… for her… not me… I have no mercy or compassion for screaming toddlers… I just drop them into the hands of the caregiver and run! We had a quick drink of gatorade… red gatorade… before heading into the service…most of which landed on Little Sis’s shirt… lovely!
The kids handled the service incredibly well. They sat mostly still, stayed mostly quiet and paid attention… mostly. When it was over… when the time came for me to proudly walk around with my graduated husband, the selfish, sinful nature of my children rose to the top. I don’t blame them… it was two hours past bedtime and they were spent. Their requests were endless and unreasonable. They were tired, cranky, hungry, and they needed to go potty! I saw my husband for about two minutes as he was making his rounds and then I tended to the little ones.
I am not bitter or upset that things didn’t go my way or that I didn’t get the pictures that I wanted to take. It is just a reminder that my life is not my own. My plans and agendas are not my own. As I spent most of the night telling Big Brother, “It’s not all about you.” It’s not all about me. Life didn’t stop that night and it won’t any time soon. One crazy time in our life is ending and another will soon begin.

Confessions of A Seminary Wife- He Graduated

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