I just love personalized stuff!!! My kids do too. They think it is so fun to have their names or initials on bags, shirts, journals, boxes, beds… ANYTHING!!! My sis in law has an embroidery machine… which is super fun and she has made us some pretty cool things. I only have a regular sewing machine, but quickly learned how to add appliques to shirts, pillows, etc. Most recently, I have been making simple skirts with matching letter shirts.

This tutorial is all about adding an appliqued letter to a shirt. You can use the same method to add any shape. All you need is:
– scrap of fabric
– fusible adhesive (I used heat n bond)
– shirt or other fabric to attach applique to
– coordinating thread
– iron

 1. Follow the directions on your fusible adhesive for ironing on to the wrong side of your fabric.

 2. Before peeling off the paper, trace your letter(s) of choice BACKWARDS on the paper. You can do this freehand or print a template using your favorite font (I think this is typewriter or sprocket… I like to use those. Curlz is another fun one). Measure your shirt to determine what size you want your applique to be.

 3. Cut out your letter, peel off the paper, center the letter on the shirt (wrong side down) and follow the manufacturer’s directions for ironing onto the shirt.

 4. Sew around the letter using a zig zag or straight stitch. Make sure your shirt isn’t bunched or layered. Smaller shirts can be tricky… you don’t want to sew the shirt together ;). I recommend doing your stitching directly on the applique. The stretchy fabric of the t-shirt can be tricky and make this process tougher than it needs to be.

In reality, the heat n bond doesn’t have to be used. It acts as a stablizer and keeps the applique in place. You can just use pins to attach your applique to your shirt before you sew (you might want to add some light- weight interfacing between the applique and the shirt if you choose this method).

That’s it… super simple and very cute!!!

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If you found this tutorial helpful, I’d love to hear back from you. I *heart* comments!!!

Appliqued Initial Shirts- A Tutorial

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