This money saving tip is for all you coffee junkies out there. I didn’t used to be a coffee drinker. I started craving a daily cup just before I got pregnant with my third. When I told my OB that I wasn’t a coffee drinker in my previous pregnancies, but wanted to know how much coffee was safe to drink while pregnant, he said “so the kids drove you to drink huh?”. Yes, I suppose they did.

So… On to today’s tip. It’s quite simple really… Brew your own coffee at home! See that big container of foldgers in the picture… Less than $12 at Sam’s. It has enough for 380 cups of coffee. Add some flavored creamer and whip cream on top and you’ve got yourself a fancy coffee house drink for a fraction of the cost.

Sometimes, if I am going to meet friends for coffee, I fix it at home and put it in my super cute travel mug to take with me.

My husband and I often have in house date nights. He has been known to set up a coffee shop like atmosphere with fresh brewed coffee, dim lighting and games. I know… He’s a keeper!

How will you save money this week? I’d love to hear your favorite money saving tips… just email them to me… weelittlemonkeys (at) gmail (dot) com!

Money Saving Monday- Coffee

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