After spending some time with the grandparents last week, Gammy snuck the kids a little spending money on the way out. We promptly headed to the dollar section at Target to maximize the spending. Well, first they each got a slushee and then we headed to the dollar section. I was pretty excited that Big Brother picked out the summer activity book pictured above. He is done with official school for the summer, but this book is full of math, social studies, science and art activities. This morning he did a crossword puzzle all about Abe Lincoln. The book is colorful and appealing to a six year old’s eyes. And… only $1!

Last fall I grabbed some leveled reading books out of the dollar section and what do you know, they had some more when we went yesterday! I am addicted to childrens’ books… it’s a serious problem.. I may need counseling. I made big steps a few weeks ago and donated about 3/4 of our HUGE collection (about 5 boxes packed full) to a yard sale to raise money for adoption. This would be a bigger step in the addiction recovery if I wasn’t looking for ways to get more books to fill the void. We got the above pictured Level 2 Reading books as well as stopping off at Barnes and Noble to cash in on free books from their summer reading program. It doesn’t help that my kids love books just about as much as I do.

Dollar Section Finds

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