The kids and I had to make a run to Home Depot for my husband the other day. He needed more paint. I knew it was best for the kids and I to be out of the way while he was painting so I volunteered to go and give him some work time. I was surprised he let me go in his stead. It would be like me sending him to Joann to get some very specific sewing or knitting materials. He did take pictures of the things he needed and write very specific instructions.

Homeschooling can happen anywhere. I mean, teachable moments are all around us. Because I wanted to spend as much time away from the house as possible, I decided to take some time to let the kids watch paint being mixed and do a mini lesson on the color wheel. I mean… I am fascinated at the way paint is mixed… it’s mind blowing. After that, the kids picked out some color sample cards to take with them and we headed over to the gardening area to look at and talk about flowers.

The color sample cards from Home Depot have provided so much entertainment to the kids with no cost to us! They’ve played “pick a card, any card.” They’ve played “guess my color.” They’ve pretended they are Christmas lights and “decorated” the fake tree where we are staying. Who needs expensive toys?

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