We’ve been hanging at the beach this week. For the most part, the weather has been Ah- MAZING! The kids have been soaking up every ounce they can of beach and pool time.

Yesterday, however, the rain moved in and left us confined to the house. I sent out a plea on facebook asking for kid friendly, educational game sites. This is the list that came back to me. I checked out each site and liked what I saw. Most of these links came from friends of mine that are teachers… so… you know… teacher approved!

Game Goo– Early elementary on up (recommended by an elementary school teacher)

Sheppard Software– preschool – early elementary (recommended by a preschool special ed teacher)

Starfall – Great for Reading practice (recommended by a mom of young children and a preschool special ed teacher)

Spelling City – Good for older kids… spelling/ vocabulary practice  (recommended by an elementary school teacher)

Free Rice – Another good one for older kids (recommended by an elementary school teacher)

Reading Eggs– Sign up for a one month trial and have fun with learning to read games (recommended by an early childhood teacher)

Discover Education– scroll down for free parent and teacher resources (recommended by a Masters Level Science student)

Here are a few more favorites of my kids:

PBS Kids

Disney Junior

Scholastic.com… I Spy Game

I am not a big proponent of kids being on the computer all day. However, I am not naive either. My kids need to have computer skills. They need to have technology exposure. As I load the games for the kids, I talk to them about how Mommy and Daddy need to monitor what they play. I caution them about clicking on anything other than the game. I explain that things exist on the internet that are just not safe for their eyes and they need to trust the judgment of their parents. The computer stays in an open area… living room or kitchen table. I check in frequently and ask them to let me know if they accidentally click on something other than the game. I say not to try to get back to the game on their own.

We don’t play on the computer every day. When we do, I usually let them play for 45 min- 1 hour. This seems to work for now. I mean… my kids are 4 and 6. I am sure that as they get older, we’ll have to adapt our approach.

Beat the Rainy Day Blues

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