I try and try to be okay with having no room in the budget to buy any homeschool materials. I try to be okay with relying on the kindness of others and maybe, possibly help from Grandma to buy some materials. I try and I try to be patient and wait to see what comes up. But… sometimes I wonder if my kids would be better off in public school where at least their teachers (underpaid as they are) have access to resources like paper, pencils, books, curriculum, laminators, copiers…

I am planning to head over to the Southeast Homeschool Expo this weekend to ask some questions and try to figure out how I am going to tackle this coming school year. I don’t mind planning lessons… I don’t mind developing curriculum.. I actually enjoy doing that kind of thing… BUT it’s all in vain if I don’t have the resources to back it all up. I feel like my kids are getting cheated.

Here is my wishlist for the coming year(s). These are my needs, wants, what- ifs, hey that would be really cool, etc.

Well- Planned Day Planner (because I need to get organized)
– A Fun Drawer Cart for paper, crayons, and other supplies
– Curriculum – I like My Father’s World, Apologia, Math U See, and SO MUCH MORE!
– Ink for My Printer- so I can print out some of these great free online resources
– Paper for my printer
– Internet at Home
– A laminating machine
– Electric Pencil Sharpener
– memberships to local zoos, parks, aquariums, gardens
– the ability to pay for my kids to play sports
–  membership to a Homeschool Co- Op

There’s more… I know there is… but of course because I am trying to write all this out, I am drawing a blank.

Why must everything cost money?!?

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining. God has been faithful to our family. We have been blessed beyond measure. We have received help and encouragement from so many friends. I am just saying that… if things were different and we actually had room in our budget for homeschool… there are some things I’d like to have.

My Homeschool Wishlist

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  • August 5, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    Katie, So sorry I did not make it by sooner! I have been trying to catch up all week…and have not done a good job at that! I love your sweet/fun blog!!!!! It was great meeting/chatting with you at the convention!


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