So… today was supposed to be the first day of our homeschool year. I gathered all the materials for the week last night. I made color coded lesson plans… teal for Big Brother and pink for Little Sis. I prepared their journal boxes with new journals and crayons and pencils.

Today we had a box delivered by UPS filled with school supply goodies that I got from one of those daily deal sites… plum district I think.

We were all set… ready to go. The kids were excited… until…

1:30 am… Little Sis shows up at my bedside with a bad dream (the first any of them have had since we moved a couple of weeks ago… bad dreams are a pretty regular occurrence around here… to go two weeks without one is pretty spectacular).

3:15 am… I wake up to the sound of one of the girls’ toys that had decided to sound off even though no one was playing with it… batteries dying… I tried to sneak in their room and turn it off, but ended up waking up baby girl.

3:30 am… husband is up with stomach trouble. Big Brother shows up at our door declaring that he needs to throw up… and he did… and he did.

5:00 am… things start to calm down for Big Brother and he heads back to bed, but my husband is still up experiencing trouble of his own.

7:00 am… this girls wake up, ready and raring to go.

8:00 am.. Big Brother is up and throwing up and throwing up and… PBS kids is on for the day. My husband heads to the store to get lysol and gatorade. While out, he discovers that the brakes on his man van are failing… how exciting for us.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, lysoling, comforting Big Brother and trying to keep the girls away from him. We watched a lot of TV and thankfully, everyone took naps… me included. 

And thus begins our homeschool year.

I was able to get a little Bible memory and reading done with Little Sis. She was so excited to have me all to herself for school.

Here’s hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Not What I Expected on the First Day

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