Science Experiment Day at our House…

 This book is one that came with Adventures in My Father’s World. We are alternating between this and Apologia’s Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day. Today, we talked about what scientists do. We talked about forming theories and then conducting experiments to see if our theories are correct. The book suggested a very simple experiment to see if an egg would float or sink in salt/ fresh water. I was pretty impressed with big brother. He pulled his knowledge from what he’d learned from his Apologia book yesterday about currents. He said the egg in the salt water would float because salt is heavy and sinks and pushes things up.

 We filled two glasses half way up and put ten heaping teaspoons of salt in one of them. Then we dropped eggs into each cup.

 Big brother was right. The egg in the salt water floated. I had the kids record their findings in their journals.

 Big Brother was straight to the point, “The egg floted in salt.”

Little Sis dictated, “The egg floated in salt water. The egg didn’t float in not salt water.”

For some reason I shied away from science experiments last year. I am hoping to get past that this year. My kids really enjoy the hands on stuff and Big Brother didn’t complain at all when I told him to write about this in his journal. Normally, getting him to write is a nightmare.

And that concludes our homeschool week. A good ending to a week that started off pretty rough.

Eggs + Salt + Water =

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