We have jumped into this year with both feet! It helps that my husband’s car broke and we are a one car family (hopefully just for the short term.. pray for us!) and the kids and I are stuck at home all day. Doing school with them helps my sanity. Big Brother especially needs something to do to focus his attention and energy. He has been waking up every morning this week asking what we’ll be doing in school that day.

Little Sis is excited about school too! Baby Girl… not so much. She wants the attention of her mother, father, brother and sister all the time and does not like when she doesn’t get it. She cried the whole time we did school on Monday… the. whole. time.

Thankfully, Tuesday, my husband was home and we got to take a trip to the library and the park… yay!

Here’s what the rest of the week looked like…

 This week, week 2 in Adventures in My Father’s World, we read about Christopher Columbus and his voyage to the new world. We made our own Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria and reenacted the voyage. Unfortunately… in our version, only the Santa Maria made it. The Nina was blown over and the Pinta sank.

 We made play dough… because.. some days, you just have to play with play dough. You can find the recipe for homemade play dough here.

 We’ve really been enjoying the Apologia Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. This week, we finished up lesson one about aquatic animals and the ocean. Big Brother and Little Sis both started their ocean boxes… a project that will be on-going throughout the year.

 Big Brother lined his box with blue paper and added some sea weed and coral. Next week, we’ll begin lesson 2… WHALES!

 Little Sis has been working on her beginning reading books. She is not quite as gung ho about reading as Big Brother was at this age. This week, her book focused on numbers and number words. As a side activity, I gave her a paper with the numbers 1- 10. I gave her stickers and asked her to put the right amount of stickers with the correct number. This helps with following directions, one to one correspondence and number recognition. And… who doesn’t love stickers!

Again, with the Apologia Science, we were very hands on this week. We did an experiment suggested in lesson 1 to determine differences between hot and cold water. Big brother was a little overwhelmed with all the writing required for the Scientific Speculation sheet, so we worked together to complete it.

In addition to all this, we had spelling words and tests, began exploring our Math U See blocks and Big Brother started typing with this fun, FREE online program from BBC.

One thing I realized this week as the kids and I were engaged in school was the lack of focus when it came to reading the Bible, memorizing verses, etc. As soon as I pulled the Bible out, they were distracted, playing around, misbehaving. They would do so well with everything else. It really broke my heart and made me realize that perhaps my lack of passion over the last couple of years has worn off on them. So… now I know how more specifically to pray for them. I do so want them to love the Lord and love His Word. I don’t want it to be just one more thing… or to be that one thing they can’t stand. I want it to be what they look forward to more than anything else.

So.. that’s our week in review… over all, a good week. How was yours?

Our Homeschool Week in Review

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