You may remember last week’s post titled, “Just Say No“… well… this time I am telling you to say yes…

Say yes to:
– hand me downs.. ask the person who is passing the clothes down whether or not they want them back when your children are finished with them. Ask if they will be offended if you sell or consign them when you are finished with them. Most people just want to get the clothes/shoes, etc out of their house.

– offers for free babysitting- this should be a no- brainer.

– shelves/ furniture you see on the side of the road- use discernment- if the stuff is in good condition, you can use it for yourself (Little Sis has a perfectly good bed frame that the hubs found on the side of the road and fixed up for her)…. or sell it in a yard sale or on craig’s list. I have some friends that snagged a day bed from the side of the road, then sold it at their yard sale for $25.

– cleaning out your storage room… it’s freeing to get rid of stuff… and will save you money when you don’t have to buy storage containers to place all your “stuff” in…. PLUS you can sell things that you are cleaning out on ebay. You’d be amazed at what people will buy. I have made almost $1000 this year by selling things here and there… books, figurines, toys, clothes, shoes, and other things that I realized we just don’t need.

– borrowing from friends. If you have a need for something, but only for a little while… ask a friend who might already have it… don’t spend your money on something you may only use once or twice.

So you see, times do exist when you can just say “yes”!

Money Saving Monday- Just Say Yes

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