Per the suggestion of Adventures in My Father’s World, we made a window art craft today in school. We’ve been talking about the Name of Jesus for the last couple of weeks. We’ve been talking about why he was named Jesus. We’ve looked in Scripture and seen that he was talked about way before his birth. We’ve talked about the meaning of His name as well as the meaning of our own names.

Today, to close up the discussion, we made Name windows using crayons and wax paper.

Here’s what you need:
– old crayons (cut up into tiny pieces or shavings)
– wax paper
– construction paper
– scissors
– an iron
– old sheet or two pieces of newspaper

 1. Now… you don’t need a fancy paper cutter for this project. I just happen to have a Cricut that my wonderful Sis in Law picked up on clearance last year for me! We cut our letters out using the Dinosaur Tracks cartidge. I recommend using a dark colored paper for the project. Cut out the letters J, E, S, U, S. We ended up making two window art per kid… one with Jesus’ name and one with their own.

 2. Before we even started, I cut up old crayons and had them ready for the project. You can do as little or as many colors as you want.

 Arrange the letters in the middle of your wax paper and sprinkle crayon shavings around it. Don’t put the shavings on top of the letters or too close to the edge. You really don’t need too many… a little goes a long way!

 4. Place another piece of wax paper (same size) on top of the first. Carefully place the entire thing (name and crayon shavings sandwiched between two pieces of wax paper) between two pieces of newspaper and iron on low. Iron until the crayon is melted.

 You should end up with something that looks like this. The iron will melt the crayons together and seal the wax paper together as well.

5. Add a frame and string for hanging if desired.

Tada… that’s it. The kids enjoyed this and it was minimally messy for mom! Have fun!

Window Art- A Tutorial

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