Okay… so you’ve seen IPads ad Kindles and Nooks where you can take your digital books on the road with you… right?

But… did you know that Amazon has a free Kindle App for most smart phones or your PC? Just head on over to Amazon and check it out.

AND… you can periodically find great books for your Kindle for FREE on Amazon. Nothing says Money Saving to me like FREE!!!!

Here are a couple of books I’ve recently downloaded for FREE!!!

Circle of Friends Cookbook – 25 Dip & Spread Recipes [Kindle Edition]

The Holy Bible, English Standard Version [Kindle Edition]

Pride and Prejudice... and a number of other Jane Austen books

We could have even bought the husband’s textbooks through Kindle for a cheaper price (if he hadn’t just checked them out of the library instead). I am digging the Kindle app.. makes me feel like I am keeping up with the times without paying the inflation!

Money Saving Monday- Kindle

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