I decided to change things up with my blog. For one, I moved from Blogger to WordPress… the jury is still out on how I feel about this. I like changing things up every now and then and trying new things… so… we’ll see how it goes.

Second… I changed the name. Until now, my blog was titled “Little Monkeys… How to Live Life with Three Little Monkeys by your Side.” I started this blog just over a year ago as an outlet for my interests and hobbies. It has been a hodge podge of homeschool, crafts, recipes and general musings. I tried to bring a little more definition recently, as explained here.  I also realized (well I’ve known all along) that my children are more than little monkeys just hanging onto me. While at times, I do feel like we live in a jungle, I want to develop more of a long term vision for my children. I don’t homeschool for the heck of it. We don’t read Scripture for giggles. We are instilling lasting truths in our children’s heart. We are teaching them early to rely on God for EVERYTHING. We are teaching them that God has a will.. for everything… whether it be how your children experience school, who they marry, when they are potty trained, how they dress, how they learn… etc. God has a will.

So.. the new name… Plants and Pillars… comes from this verse:

Then our sons in their youth

will be like well-nurtured plants,

and our daughters will be like pillars

carved to adorn a palace.

Psalm 144: 12

I read a lot of blogs about raising boys. I read books about raising girls. We have both in our home. Despite what the post modern world might say, boys and girls are distinctly different… and that’s okay. We are designed with different needs, purposes and desires… and that’s okay. I will not make excuses for training my girls in femininity and my son in masculinity. I will not be ashamed to encourage my girls to be girls and my son to be a boy. God made no mistakes when he put them in the bodies that he did.

I desire for my son to be like a well nurtured plant whose roots go deep. For him to endure much pruning to be the man he was intended to be. For his roots to go deep, his stem/ trunk to grow tall and his leaves to spread wide… so that his influence will be great. I don’t want any of this for his glory or mine… but for the Lord’s.

I desire for my daughters to be like graceful pillars, carved to adorn a palace. I so desire for them to be strong women. The world thinks that to be a Christian woman means to be weak and plain… I don’t think that’s what God intends. I desire for my girls to be able to stand up to the storms of life and bear much weight without cracking. I hope that they will be an encouragement and support to those who are in their lives.. whether they marry and have children one day or not. I hope beyond hope their identity is found in God and who he has made them to be and NOT in the magazines at the check out counter and the unobtainable standard set forth by the world.

So… that’s why I changed the name. Now… when I look at this blog, when I write on this blog… I will have a reminder in my face of why I am in this whole business of parenting. It is easy for my husband and I to get lost in the day to day and forget the long term. I hope to write more in the coming weeks of our vision for parenting.

I still intend for this blog to be about homeschooling. I still intend to share and promote my etsy shop  and crafty ventures. I still intend to muse about this and that. I hope you’ll join me. I hope you’ll be encouraged. I hope you’ll encourage me.

Now… why don’t you head on over to the Hip Homeschool Hop and see what the other Bloggers are up to today!

What’s in A Name

One thought on “What’s in A Name

  • September 20, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    I LOVE your new blog, your new name…and the way you came up with your new name! Congratulations on the move!!! It was scary when I moved and I’m still learning….but, LOVE WP!


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