I have lots and lots of little fabric scraps laying around that I just can’t seem to part with. We just moved into a new place and the kids’ rooms needed a little sprucing up.. so I took those scraps and turned them into flag banner window treatments. Now… I only made about 8 flags per window… you can make your banner as long or as short as you want. The size of the triangles depends on you as well.


scraps of fabric

bias tape or ribbon (long enough to go the length of your banner with a little on each end)

coordinating thread

seam allowance is up to you.. I used abut a 1/4 inch seam allowance

Now… let’s get down to business…

1. Cut a triangle template from paper… just slightly bigger than what you want your finished flags to be.

2. Cut several triangles from fabric… you need fabric on the front and back on the flag…. so if you want 8 flags, you need 16 triangles.You can do the same fabric on both sides or different… it’s up to you.

3. Place two triangles, right side together and sew down the sides. Leave the top open. Turn right side out and press.

4. Top stitch (1/8 inch allowance) down the sides.

5. Repeat for all the triangles. Place them in the order you wish them to be on your banner.

6. Fold the bias tape over the tops of the triangles, pin in place. Arrange and pin all your triangles in the bias tape. I used wide single fold bias tape. You could also you wide ribbon.

7. Sew the length of the bias tape… make sure to catch the fabric as you go.

8. Hang and enjoy.The picture doesn’t do it much justice… but Big Brother is pretty excited about it!

You can do so much with these banners… you can use random fabrics, themed fabrics, etc. The possibilities are endless. And really… this is such an easy project and a great way to use up old scraps and brighten a room!

Was this tutorial helpful to you? I’d love some feedback!

Easy Flag Banner- A Tutorial

One thought on “Easy Flag Banner- A Tutorial

  • September 28, 2011 at 3:32 pm

    You could also use different fabrics on the front and back of each triangle to make the banner reversible and change it up every now and then. Great tutorial! 🙂


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